Portable SatNav

Portable SatNav (Satellite Navigation) systems are devices that can be used to help you find your way around that can be moved from vehicle to vehicle or carried around with you. Unlike SatNav systems that are installed into a specific car these devices can be used in various vehicles or in other situations such as when you are walking, hiking or simply taking a journey somewhere new. The advantage here is that the system can be moved around as you like.

If you are using a portable SatNav system in your car then it may run on batteries or you may be able to hook it up to the cigarette lighter to power it up. You may also need to use specific antennae and cradles as well tog et the best out of the system depending on which one you choose. Many portable systems here will offer a wide range of functions and features although, due to their compact size, they may not offer as many features and benefits as standard SatNav systems do.

Common features available with many portable SatNav systems include: